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Heatshrinkable Wiremarkers

WMX carrier liner layout

Manufactured on thermal sensitive cardstock liner converted into a ladder format offering superb organisation of the markers for easy printing and kitting . Supplied in ladder format design sleeves are applied for single and double sided printing supported by a top and backing tape. The liner can also be manufactured from PET (Polyethylen) with full clear backing tape for easy pickability and low install cost

Inbuilt quality control .

Liner can be retained for QA/supervisor process control where your logo, part and batch number can be printed directly on the liner.

Backing tape options.

Supplied in tape strips for double sided format. Many colours available.

At Link Solutions you find a lot of different options that are tailored for different needs. We can supply you with backing tape, which is supplied in tape strips for WMX  double sided format. This design is created for you convenience and is easy to use. They are made in a variety of different colours, so you can choose those most suitable for your needs. This makes colour coding easier and provides you with a number of options to organize the WMX wiremarkers.

Marker sleeves.

Pre-scoring of marker sleeve allows up to four sleeves across in length 12,5mm.

Marker sleeves are supplied and applied in accordance to your industry and compliance requirements. See below for your choices

Tube Properties

Available Formats

LHS - Ladder Format

FHS - Fixed Format

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