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PUR Cable Markers

Cable Markers in extruded from halogen free and flame retardant PUR (Thermoplastic Polyether-Polyurethane) material which is hydrolysis ” No break down in water” and micro organism resistant. Its extremely strong with high tear strength, suitable for a variety of in and outdoor applications where durable mark permanence is de facto standard. The labels are fixed to the cable or wire using cable ties at both ends. The product is supplied as an all-in-one construction, where the extruded material also functions as the carrier. The markers are partially perforated for easy picking – kitting after printing and supplied on rolls for thermal transfer printing.


Results of accelerated ageing testing are as a result of artficial lighting/illumination in a laboratory. Duration test is 500 hours, which equals 10 years of exposure.

PUR Cable Markers

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